Love That Body, Inc. - Gettin' FIT!!!! - Avon Lake, OH
Love That Body, Inc. - Stay Motivated, Stay Focused & Stay Strong!

Stephanie's clientel vary from the "Special Needs to the General Exerciser to the Avid Competitor" that wishes to seek their very own "genetic potential".

Meet Ashley. Ashley is one of my fitness competitors. This will be her 1st year for hitting the stage to show off her hard earned & balanced symmetry.  I have no doubt that Ashley's drive, motivation, competiveness & phenomenal genetics are sure to take her to the very Top.  I will be posting her competition pics & stats soon.

Meet Maggie. She is my tiny lil golden nugget. She is a Special Olympics Speed Skater with the strongest will I've ever encountered. Maggie loves to be challenged in any way possible.  Her determination & hope make her unstoppable.

Meet Randy. We started our journey the summer of 2014. Randy is proof of building lean muscle/ shedding bodyfat @ an astonishing rate @ 67yrs young!!!. He gave up his free AARP donut each morning & late night ice cream. As of recent, Randy & I have been working on Pull Ups. He can perform 5 with his very own body weight.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!  ***It is the end of summer 2015 & Randy is now rocking out not 5 pull ups as mentioned earlier but 8!!!!!  YES!!!!!
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